Faerie Queen

Queen of the Feywild


The Faerie Queen is a minor deity that presides over the Feywild. She is not a true “god”, as she was created by the life-force of the Feywild. While her power is not on-par with a true god, she is infinitely more powerful than the god-constructs of the Kuo-Toa. While she is capable of travelling to the Celestial Plane unassisted, she tends to reside in the sacred place of the Feywild.


The Faerie Queen is one three deities worshiped in Hyland, along with Zodiac, and Azar. While the other deities have existed since the Dawn and derive their power from the worship of their followers, the Faerie Queen was created as an embodiment of the pure life-force of the Feywild. As such, her power fluctuates over time and is tied directly to the creatures of the Feywild. Should any harm befall the Queen, the beings of Feywild would cease to be.

The Faerie Queen is not a true queen of a monarchy the way Queen Matthews is, but because of her connection to the Feywild, all creatures there worship her as a god.

In order to protect the Queen from would be threats, an order made of beings of the Material Plane was established. The leader of this order called himself the Master of the Hunt, and all those who followed him were called Huntsmen. Tasked with protecting the Faerie Queen, and the feywild, the Huntsmen take ancient oaths to protect all natural places. The current Master of the Hunt is the human Ryker Tavares.

As centuries passed, the Huntsmen became overprotective and began to limit the Queens ability to commune with the other Planes. To rekindle her connections, the Faerie Queen has created a powerful vessel who can act in her stay on the other planes, serving as her eyes, ears, and hands in the trying times to come.

Faerie Queen

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