Avram Stormtree


Avram is pure Illuskan, and it greatly shows. He is roughly 6’1" and 170 lbs, with an athletic build. He has a shock of black hair, taking after his heritage, as well as a finely groomed beard and moustache. He has piercing blue eyes set on either side of a fairly large but regally shaped nose.


Avram grew up in a remote village, fairly isolated from the hustle and bustle of big cities and the centers of civilization. He was a simple farmboy, a nobody who lived in a town of nobodies. He is the oldest of three siblings, the elder of his two sisters.

When Avram was about 19, a strange man rode into town on a black horse. He was injured, but aware, so requested to spend the night. Avram agreed, so took the stranger to his home and broke bread later that evening. The visitor was a man of few words, but described a great threat to the village, and possibly the world. The two of them talked late into the night, discussing the danger.

In the morning, Avram announced to his parents and sisters that he would be leaving to join a mysterious organization. Amidst a teary farewell, he bade his family goodbye, and set off with the man for the great unknown.

Avram Stormtree

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